Mission Statement

The mission of the Central Board of Health is to promote, protect and advocate for optimal public health of all Guyanese through consistent, quality services extended to all communities throughout Guyana.  


1.     To advise the Minister when so required on all matters connected with the health of the Country;

2.     Generally, to take all such measures as may be desirable to secure the preparation, effectual carrying out, and co-ordination of measures conductive to public health.  

3.     To have and exercise the general supervision and control of all local sanitary authorities:

4.     From time to time, to cause to be made, investigations into the causes of diseases, distribution of literature and practical information, and provision or the training and certification of persons for health services as it may deem necessary or advisable in the interest of  public health;

5.     To frame regulations and if necessary, issue orders for the due and effectual enforcement of the duties imposed by this ordinance, and for the general furtherance of sanitation, and generally for carrying the provisions of this ordinance into effect, and, if deemed advisable, to prescribe among other things which it may consider necessary, the times and manner in which any duties mentioned shall be performed.