To improve the quality of life of the male population by providing access to information and quality, equitable health services to promote informed decision-making in relation to all aspects of their own health and wellbeing.


  • To ensure that males are adequately informed about the benefits of sexual and reproductive health for themselves and their partners.
  • To encourage active participation in accessing available sexual and reproductive health services:
    • Reorienting sexual and reproductive health services to become more male oriented and focused on the catering to the specific needs of men and boys.
    • Promotion of male participation in sexual and reproductive health activities and the option to approach male contraception as an alternative.
  • To sensitize men towards key aspects of men’s health, not only reproductive health but health in its entirety.
  • To ensure prevention, early screening and treatment of cancer of the reproductive organs.
  • To reduce the incidence of Sexually Transmitted Infections by:
    • Integrating STI and HIV/ AIDS prevention and treatment into all sexual and reproductive health with a focus on the males of the population.
    • Emphasizing voluntary HIV testing and counseling for men.
  • Engaging men and boys to reduce and prevent gender-based violence by:
    • Ensuring that men and boys are well informed of the need for them to be involved in this elimination through education and workshops.