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Goals and Objectives

·         The Board seeks to make known to its constituencies the guidelines by which CBH is governed and administered under the Constitution and Bylaws of the construction of Guyana

·         CBH will be a catalyst to align the power of the community on behalf of health and wellness and a champion of Public Health issues.

·         CBH will become a leader in supporting the use of technology to improve sanitation and behaviours

·         To develop a 5 year strategic plan that will reflect the mission and values of the Board. 


·         Developing a website and brochures aimed at sensitising the public on the roles and functions of the Board.

·         Developing a resource manual for officers and stakeholders to aid in the standardisation of activities in the field.

·         Drafting a strategic plan and have same reviewed by Officers and Board Members.

·         Conducting thorough capacity building exercises to train and increase the advocacy of utilising/ improving technology available