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Elderly Health Goal

By 2020, the Ministry of Public Health and other stakeholders build a platform to support “Healthy Ageing” in adults 60 years and over, subsequently increasing expectancy of life, longevity and quality of life of our elderly population, making countrywide quality health services accessible to all.

Elderly Health Objectives

Fostering healthy ageing in all administrative regions.

Aligning health systems to the needs of the older population

Creating age friendly environments

To sensitize the elderly towards key aspects of elderly health, not only  chronic disease and disability  but health in its entirety:

 a) Educating elderly men and women to be more health aware and grounded in their own health responsibilities as well as their family.

b) Highlighting the unique needs of the elderly, the need for routine visits to health centers, healthy eating, physical activity and adherence to medication regimens.

Evaluate and improve the quality of elderly care at all levels of health, including government institutions (elderly homes), primary health care and home care.

a. Orient health care workers on the importance of holistic elderly care and elderly rehabilitation.


A healthier elderly population and community making changes to their disposition towards health and disease. This includes improved attitudes towards healthy eating, exercise, medication adherence and elderly care.