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Director (Ag):  Dr. Pedro Lewis 

Address: GPHC Compound, Lamaha & East Street

Telephone Number: (592) 223-7182 or (592) 227-0418

Goals of the Strategic Plan - 2014-2020

Goals of the Strategic Plan - 2014-2020

  • To manage and provide blood and blood products to satisfy the needs and protect the well-being of all Guyanese through quality, evidence-based and people-responsive services.
  • To promote comprehensive and standardized data management for improved decision making, planning, monitoring and evaluation.
  • To encourage and promote the revitalization of the national blood transfusion committee and develop strategies for the rational and clinical use of blood.
  • To establish a quality system that allows the NBTS to be accredited by a recognized, independent body. 


Overall Objective

The overall objective of the National Blood Transfusion Service is to ensure mobilization of an adequate number of safe voluntary non- remunerated blood donors.

Specific Objectives

  • To recruit enough donors for a collection of 10,000- 12,000 units of whole blood by 2012, and to increase to 14,000 units annually by end of 2016.
  • To maintain a register of safe donors containing more than 6,000 regular donors by end of 2012 and 8,000 regular donors by end of 2012.
  • To maintain a daily buffer stock of no less than 120 units of screened blood components after distribution to all hospitals.
  • To ensure full computerization of all donors records by end of 2012.
  • To offer excellent customer service to all.

Strategic Plan - 2014-2020

Strategic Plan - 2014-2020

  • Ensuring the production of safe and Quality products for transfusion.
  • Ensuring or guaranteeing sufficiency, availability and timely access to blood products.
  • Providing safe, opportune, efficient and effective quality transfusion services.
  • Providing safe, opportune, efficient, people friendly and quality donor services.

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

To recruit an adequate amount of safe voluntary non- remunerated blood donors and to maintain an adequate buffer stock to respond to all blood transfusion needs of all hospitals in Guyana.


The Ministry of Public Health / the National Blood Transfusion Service want to ensure that everyone who needs blood to improve his or her health is able to receive safe blood in its appropriate form when and where needed.

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