Contact Information

 Chairman: Dr. Shamdeo Persaud

Secretary: Ms. Juanita Johnson

Telephone Number: (592) 226-8158 or (592) 226-1224

Fax #: (592)225-6271

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mission Statement & Functions

Mission Statement

The mission of the Central Board of Health is to promote, protect and advocate for optimal public health of all Guyanese through consistent, quality services extended to all communities throughout Guyana.  


1.     To advise the Minister when so required on all matters connected with the health of the Country;

2.     Generally, to take all such measures as may be desirable to secure the preparation, effectual carrying out, and co-ordination of measures conductive to public health.  

3.     To have and exercise the general supervision and control of all local sanitary authorities:

4.     From time to time, to cause to be made, investigations into the causes of diseases, distribution of literature and practical information, and provision or the training and certification of persons for health services as it may deem necessary or advisable in the interest of  public health;

5.     To frame regulations and if necessary, issue orders for the due and effectual enforcement of the duties imposed by this ordinance, and for the general furtherance of sanitation, and generally for carrying the provisions of this ordinance into effect, and, if deemed advisable, to prescribe among other things which it may consider necessary, the times and manner in which any duties mentioned shall be performed.  

Special Projects & Target Areas

Special Projects

Environmental Health Officers Manual – This would increase greater harmonisation of activities done in the field.

Key Persons: Director of the Environmental Health Unit, Mr. Amarnauth Maraj

                 Principal Environmental Health Officer, S. Alves

                 Principal Environmental Health Officer, E. Liverpool

                 Principal Environmental Health Officer, S. Chichester 

Target Areas

Standardised inspection of lands

Standardised inspection of meats

Standardised inspection of eating houses

Standardised inspection of fish processing plants.

Standardised inspection of cemeteries and burial grounds.

Standardised inspection of Funeral homes.


Goal, Objectives & Strategies

Goals and Objectives

·         The Board seeks to make known to its constituencies the guidelines by which CBH is governed and administered under the Constitution and Bylaws of the construction of Guyana

·         CBH will be a catalyst to align the power of the community on behalf of health and wellness and a champion of Public Health issues.

·         CBH will become a leader in supporting the use of technology to improve sanitation and behaviours

·         To develop a 5 year strategic plan that will reflect the mission and values of the Board. 


·         Developing a website and brochures aimed at sensitising the public on the roles and functions of the Board.

·         Developing a resource manual for officers and stakeholders to aid in the standardisation of activities in the field.

·         Drafting a strategic plan and have same reviewed by Officers and Board Members.

·         Conducting thorough capacity building exercises to train and increase the advocacy of utilising/ improving technology available




The Board consist of the Chief Medical Officer, who is the Chairman of the Board, the under mentioned persons are the current members:

Dr. Shamdeo Persaud


Ms. Patricia Chase Greene

Mayor,  Georgetown City Council

Mr. Gifford Marshall

Mayor, Bartica Town Council

Mr. Darshan Shewcharran

Representative , Anna Regina Town Council

Ms. Polliann Schultz

Representative, New Amsterdam Town Council

Ms. Kamla Marriemootoo

Representative , Rosehall Town Council

Ms. Eleze Hall Benjamin

Representative , Linden Town Council

Mr. Rabindra Datt Prashad

Representative , Ministry of Communities

Ms. Germene Stewart

Representative, Central Housing and 
Planning Authority

Ms. Jewel Cheong

Representative, Guyana lands and Surveys Commission

Ms. Veronica Douglas

Representative, Guyana Nurses Association

Ms. Donna Canterbury


Dr. Ravindra Shiwnandan


Representative, Medical Community


Ms. Juanita Johnson Secretary

Subject to the provisions of the Public Health Act, every member shall hold office for two years from the date of his appointment and shall be eligible for re-appointment.

The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Board but in his absence the members shall choose one of their members to act as Chairman of the meeting. At any meeting, five members represent a quorum.

The Regional Environmental Health Officers or their representative for regions 2,3,4,5,6,7 ,9 & 10, including representatives of the Food & Drugs Department, Veterinary Public Health, the Bureau of Standards and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are all represented at the meetings which are held on the second Wednesday of each month.


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