Template Features

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Here you can find lots of information about template features.


Module Positions

This template contains 13 module positions. See the clear gird of modules location.
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Module Suffixes

This template contains 2 module designs. See examples of module design variations.
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Template Parameters

This template provides some back-end parameters for convenient template management.
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This template provides you some custom styles for several tags.
To reach an expected result, an appropriate class must be entered to a proper tag as examples shown in the artilce.
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This template contains styles for DJ-ImageSlider component and its module.
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This template is contains styles for DJ-Catalog2 component and its modules.
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Menu System

This template uses DJ-Menu. See detailed description of this extension
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.PSD layout

We provide you .psd slices of that template to make you easier customize your template.

Template manuals

The downloadable package contains manual for this template.
You can also see other templates' manulas.
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Installation Package

Here you can find description of purchased package.
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