2016 Projections

The Diagnostic Centers are staffed with Cuban Brigade Dental Surgeons. Some of these have completed their years of service, and will be replaced by Guyanese Dental Surgeons.

Discussions are presently ongoing for the introduction of Dental Specialty Training for some faculty members of the School of Dentistry, through the intervention of our Guyanese Professor Cynthia Pine, of Queen Mary University of London.

Expansion of the Teaching Facilities of the DHS: proposal is for expansion to be done at West Demerara Regional Hospital Dental Department, where there is potential for expansion.

13 New Dental Chairs and Delivery Systems were installed at the CJDC at the end of 2015.

Dental equipment will be installed in other locations – Presidents College, Lodge Secondary School, Christianburg Secondary (Linden)

Soesdyke and Sophia Community Centre Clinics already functional.